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Elizabeth Agassiz at 36 Quincy Street

I recently bought this nice autograph with Elizabeth Cary Agassiz's signature, dated 14 October 1885, written in the residence Louis Agassiz and she once shared at 36 Quincy Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts (today the site of Harvard's Fogg Art Museum). It was in this house that she ran her famous School for Girls, and it was here that Louis Agassiz died, on 14 December 1873. In the years after her husband's death, Elizabeth Agassiz continued to host lunches for the "University's ladies" at her house, although she would become increasingly preoccupied with the Harvard Annex for Women, later called Radcliffe College, whose first president she became. Elizabeth Cary Agassiz died in Lexington, Massachusetts, in the home of her niece Lisa Felton, on June 17, 1907. Read More 

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