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Reconsidering Longfellow


Edited by Christoph Irmscher and Robert Arbour

"He just won’t go away! Despite efforts in the first half of the twentieth century to expunge Longfellow from the canon and in the second half to forget him altogether, he survives – not on the fringes of cultural history but, as this ground-breaking work in the emerging field of Longfellow Studies makes clear, as far too interesting and multi-faceted to ignore. Longfellow Reconsidered gives us a writer and educator much more complex than the dusty Schoolroom Poet of yesteryear: he rivals Whitman in the intensity of his nationalism, while at the same time being the most cosmopolitan American poet of his age. Congratulations to Christoph Irmscher and Robert Arbour for assembling this eye-opening collection."

(Charles Calhoun, author of Longfellow: A Rediscovered Life)

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