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Recent Works

Reconsidering Longfellow

Edited by Christoph Irmscher and Robert Arbour.
Published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2014. Paperback 2015.

A Keener Perception: Ecocritical Studies in American Art History

Edited by Alan C. Braddock and Christoph Irmscher.
PUblished by the University of Alabama Press, 2009. 

Longfellow Redux

Published by the University of Illinois Press, 2006. Revised paperback edition, 2008.

John James Audubon:
Writings and Drawings

Published by the Library of America, 1999. Second edition, 2011.

Public Poet, Private Man: Web Exhibit

Published by the Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Music for the Worms: Darwin at the Lilly Library

Web exhibit featuring Darwin's career and major works from The Voyage of the Beagle to The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms. With copious illustrations from the Archives of the Lilly Library and a complete chronology of Darwin's life.